Results – In House

BoardEmblem1Hawthorne’s  In House Tournaments


Results from the Craig Dykstra Edward Jones sponsored In House tournament held on January 27th, 2018.

1. Jane Sachmann                9. Lee Newell
2.Nancy Andrews               10. Jerry Hagsma
3. George Bradbury           11. Jane Moore
4. Robert Robinson           12. Donna King
5. Bob Andrews                   13.Wayne Carpenter
6. Phil Insinga                     14. Ethel Camp
7.Larry Mills                         15. Freeda Carr
8. Betty Mondeel                 16. Bonnie Geotzinger


Results of the 12/28/17 In House tournament
Sponsored by Dunstan and Son Plumbing and Heating

5 wins                                                                  4 wins
1st – Peter Eichler – 360 points

4 wins                                                                3 wins
2nd – Ron Carr  ——- 389                8th – George Fisher  —282
3rd – Donna King —– 350                 9th – Sue Insinga —– 267
4th –  Lyle Walker  —–331                  10th – Bill Jones  ——257
5th  – Wayne Carpenter – 325                 11th – Betty Mondeel  –246
6th –  Pat King ——–311                    12th – Lee Newell  —–226
7th  – Katy Walker —– 287                  13th –  Jane Moore — – 189

2 wins
14th – Mark Goetzinger — 182
15th – Jerry Haagsma  — 142
16th – Al Carlson  ——  119


In House tournament held Nov 24, 2017.

The Suter’s sponsored In House got off to a slow start on Friday Nov. 24th, when it had to be postponed due to rain.    Saturday was a much nicer day and the shuffling went off without a hitch.
4 wins                                                        3 wins                                             2 wins
1st Katie Walker 390 points            8th Lee Newell 247                    15th Phil Insinga 165
2nd Chuck Brayman 320                  9th Bob Robinson 225              16th Sue Insinga 159
3rd Lyle Walker 296                           10th Doris Hanke 224
4th Sharon Upson 290                      11th Carol May 216
5th Jane Moore 282                            12th Bill Jones 213
6th Al Carlson 281                              13th Bob Neuhaus 196
7th Sue McLaughlin 224                 14th Jane Sackmann 195

Results from the Dean Services In House tournament held October 30, 2017.

1st Katy Walker                 9th Bob Robinson
2nd Steve Smith               10th Mark Goetzinger
3rd Jane Sackmann           11th Carol May
4th Lyle Walker                12th Chuck Brayman
5th Bill Jones                    13th Larry Mills
6th Wayne Carpenter       14th Bonnie Goetzinger
7th Nancy Andrews          15th George Bradbury
8th Bob Andrews              16th Marion Lohbusch

Thanks to everyone that helped. A special thank you to our sponsor.


The In House tournaments started with the sponsorship of Discount Carpets on 9/28/17. It was a warm day, but we had a nice breeze from the East to make it more comfortable.

5 Games
1st – Lee Newell

4 Games
2nd – Gary McLaughlin
3rd – Sue Insinga
4th – Steve Smith
5th – Bob Robinson

3 Games
6th – Marion Lohbusch
7th – Sue McLaughlin
8th – Bill Jones
9th – Wayne Carpenter
10th – Chuck Brayman
11th – Phil Sinsinga

2 Games
12th – Doris Hanke
13th – Katie Walker
14th – Jane Sackmann
15th – Bob Neuhaus

1 Game
16th – George Bradbury


Results of the April 10th In House Tournament
5 wins
1st Jane Moore
2nd Marilyn Mills

4 wins
3rd Bob Robinson
4th Larry Mills
5th Al Carlson

3 wins
6th Chuck Brayman
7th George Bradbury
8th Bob Neuhaus
9th Phil Insinga
10th Ron Carr
11th Betty Mondeel
12th Doris Hanke
13th Wayne Carpenter

2 wins
14th Sue Insinga
15th Lee Newell
16th Joe Proulx


Hoss Collar Results for Saturday, 02/11/2016

The Discount Flooring In House tournament was held on Feb. 11, 2017. It was the first time we have tried a Hoss Collar 5 game In House. We had a good crowd and everyone seemed to enjoy the games. Thanks to everyone that helped. Sharon Upson,

Results: Points
Betty Mondeel 1255
Bob Robinson 1160
Sharon Upson 1158
Peter Eichler 1150
Lee Newell 1142
Katy Walker 1133
Sue Insinga 1114
Marilyn Mills 1094
Sue McLaughlin 1087
Jane Sackmann 1080
Gary McLaughlin 1043
Joe Proulx 1014
Stan Labrecque 945
Freeda Carr 873
Rudy Gleiss 870
Doris Hanke 908


“Hawthorne In-house Tournament #3 12/22/2016”

Results from the Suter In House tournament. Ron Carr was again crowned king with a 5 -0 record. Congratulations.

1. Ron Carr                      2. Rudy Gleiss
3. Bob Robinson             4. Gary McLaughlin
5. Carol May                   6. Bill Jones
7. Bob Neuhaus              8. Charlie Adams
9. Wayne Carpenter      10. Betty Mondeel
11. Marilyn Mills            12. Jane Schumann
13. Larry Mills                14. Mike Miller
15. Al Carlson                 16. Katy Walker
We hope everyone had a great time. The next In House will be in February.

“Hawthorne In-house Tournament #2  11/1/2016”

At the Deans Services In-House tournament on November 1st, we found our new best shuffler in Hawthorne. He will have to defend his title at the next In-House in December. Congratulations to Rudy Gleiss on his smashing victory. Here are the top 16 placing players:
1st Rudy Gleiss                   2nd Carol May
3rd Doris Hanke                 4th Alice Zendt
5th Katy Walker                 6th Betty Mondeel
7th Marion Lohbusch        8th Jane Moore
9th Lyle Walker                 10th Larry Mills
11th Lee Newell                  12th Bob Andrews
13th Bob Neuhaus              14th Nancy Andrews
15th Bill Jones                    16th Marylin Mills

Winners: Left to Right – Carol May * Doris Hanke * Rudy Gleiss * Alice Zendt

Group Photo -Thanks to everyone for coming out and making it a great day.


“Hawthorne In-house Tournament 9/30/2016”

     Friday September 30th In House tournament results.  Submitted by: Bob Robinson
Sponsored by DUNSTAN and SON PLUMBING.
1st Ron Carr                        2nd Joe Proux
3rd Donna King                  4th Jane Moore
5th Lyle Walker                  6th Carol Adams
7th Sue Insignia                 8th Doris Hanke
9th George Bradbury         10th Phil Insinga
11th Jane Sackmann           12th Bill Jones
13th Pat King                      14th Sharon Upson
15th Chuck Brahman         16th  (Tie) Katy Walker / Bob Robinson
Left to right: Rear-  Ron Carr, Joe Proux
Front _ Jane Moore, Donna King
Group Photo

Hawthorne In-house Tournament #4 2/09/2016

Hawthorne In-house Tournament #4   2/09/2016  There were 16 places paid out.

Thank you To: Suter Air Conditioning For sponsoring this tournament

Placement according to games won & total scores are as follows:

  • Sue Insigna
  • Phil Insigna
  • Bob Robinson
  • Chuck Brayman
  • Peter Eichler
  • Charlie Adams
  • Ron Carr
  • Carol May
  • Joe Proulx
  • Wayne Carpenter
  • Doris Hanke
  • Rudy Gleiss
  • George Fisher
  • Jane Sackman
  • Pauline Dulac ( A New Player)
  • George Bradburry


Hawthorne In-house Tournament #3 12/22/2015

Hawthorne In-house Tournament #3   12/22/2015  There were 16 places paid out.

Thank you To: Dustan & Son Plumbing  For sponsoring this tournament

Placement according to games won & total scores are as follows:

  1. Betty Modell
  2. Doris Hanke
  3. Jane Sackmann
  4. Wayne Carpenter
  5. Chuck Brayman
  6. Donna King
  7. Rudy Gleiss
  8. Ron Carr
  9. Phil Insinga
  10. Dale Lange
  11. Sharon Castle
  12. Larry Mills
  13. Clyde Castle
  14. George Fisher
  15. Pat King
  16. Marilyn Mills


Hawthorne In- house Tournament #2 11/07/2015

This Hawthorne In-house Tournament #2     There were 16 places paid out.

Thank you To Discount Carpet for sponsoring this tournament.

Placement according to games won & total scores are as follows:

  1. Dennis Abbenante
  2. Carol May
  3. Lee Newell
  4. Joe Proulx
  5. Dale Lange
  6. Chuck Brayman
  7. Bob Robinson
  8. Donna King
  9. Pat King
  10. Rudy Gleiss
  11. Doris Hanke
  12. George Fisher
  13. Al Carlson
  14. Ron Carr
  15. Jane Sackman
  16. Jane Moore