Results_Summer Tournaments

SummerShuffleResults of various Summer Tournaments


COORDINATOR– George Fisher
Ph (352)630-2588, email
Play Every Thursday Beginning Apr.12th ,2018 thru July 19th 2018
Registration fee OF $5.00 accepted UNTIL 8:15am.
Play starts 8:30am,   Play will be every Thursday and rotate as follows:
Hawthorne         Leesburg                       Tavares
April 12                 April 19                            April 26
May  3                  May   10                            May 17
May 24                 May 31                               June 7
June 14                 June 21                              June 28
July 5                     July 12                              July 19




COORDINATOR– George Fisher phone (352)630-2588



A special thanks to George and the summer tournament team for all of the work they have done this summer. How they were able to control the weather will always be a mystery. It is the contribution of time and talent that makes being a shuffleboard player fun.     Submitted by: Bob Robinson


15th and final SRS for the 2016/2017 Season

Well this was it for our 4th SRS Season.
We had 8 Pro’s and 11 Ams. It may have been a small turnout,but the Competitian was very challenging.
I for one felt the season went well overall. I am looking forward to next season. If there are any constructive ideas out there regarding format or rules, send me an email “” and the SRS committee will look at the pros and cons.
Today’s results:
1st pl. Cheryl Cole 4 gms Tavares
2nd pl. Dave Martin 4 gms Tavares
3rd pl. Tom Allen 4 gms Clermont
4th pl. Danny Richards 4 gms Leesburg
5th pl. Ron Bodo 3 gms Tavares
George Fisher SRS TM


14th SRS at Tavares  7-6-17

Well we are closing in or final tournament of the 2017 season. Next Thursday will be the 15th and final tournament and it will be held at Tavares. Let’s make a good one. I look forward to seeing you all.
Yesterdays turnout was decent. We had 11 Pro’s and 11 Ams. I believe we also set a record. The winners of the first three places had won all five of their games. 1st, 2nd and 3rd was determined by individual score. Competion is getting keener.
The results:
1st pl. Roger Brown Am 5 290 Leesburg
2nd pl. Carol Helfer Pro 5 247 Leesburg
3rd pl. George Fisher Pro 5 240 Hawthorne
4th pl. Dave Martin Am 4 177 Leesburg
5th pl. Tom Allen Am 4 163 Leesburg
See you all next week


13th SRS at Tavares  6-29-17

Well today was the last SRS held here at Hawthorne for this season. We had 24 shufflers today: 11 Pro’s and 13 Ams. Five places were paid as Pro’s and Ams were mixed together.
I would say we’ve had a sucess full year. We averaged 31 sufflers per tournament. The highest attendance was 41 in April. The lowest was 18 on June 8th.
We were hampered by the weather once and had a 4 game tournament. For the most part we had good weather. We have 2 more tournaments left in our summer series. I hope
to see all of you next week at Leesburg and the week after at Tavares.
today’s results:
1st pl. Mark Engel Leesburg Am
2nd pl. Roger Brown Leesburg Am
3rd pl. Carol May Hawthorne Pro
4th pl. Wayne Carpenter Hawthorne Am
5th pl. Jane Moore Hawthorne Pro
I wish to thank all who helped me set up and take down courts and refreshments this season. The SRS would not be the success it is if not for your help. Thank you.
George Fisher TM


12th SRS at Tavares  6-22-17

Well we are in our final weeks of the SRS. Hopefully you’ve all enjoyed this year’s games. Three weeks remain. Then we’ll all either suffer from PSWS or PSRS until the start of our regular tournament season. We hope to see good turn outs for the remaining games. Next week we will be at Hawthorne. I look forward to seeing you then.
This week’s results:
1st pl. Rick Enright Tavares
2nd pl. Gary McLaughlin Hawthorne
3rd pl. Frank Cherill Leesburg
4th pl. Bob Roche Tavares
5th pl. DeWayne Toomey
See you next week
George Fisher TM


11th SRS at Leesburg  6-15-17

Again we had another great day for shuffleboard.
We had 15 Pro’s and 8 Ams playing together on 6 courts.
Again we had another 5 game winner. Great playing Roger.
1st pl. Roger Brown (Am) 5 g Leesburg
2nd pl. Al Dronsfield (Pro) 4 g 240 Leesburg
3rd pl. Jack Wooton (Pro) 4 g 235 Mid. Fl. Lakes
4th pl. Gary McLaughlin ((Pro) 4 g 170 Hawthorne
5th pl. Lee Newell (Pro) 4 g 159 Hawthorne
We are closing in on the end of or summer series. We have 4 more Thursdays left. I look forward to seeing all of you at Tavares next Thursday. So keep your calendars open.
TM George Fisher


10th SRS at Hawthorne  6-08-17

We had an ify weather day today. But an early check of the weather radar showed there was a break in the weather that would allow us to complete our tournament.
The main issue was, it had been raining every day, all day since Monday.
18 stalwart players showed up to play. 8 Pro’s and 10 Ams.
Players were combined into one group with the Ams at the head, Pro’s at the foot. 5 places were paid.
The weather held off until the 5th game. We had to stop, so only 4 games were used in determining the winners.
1st pl. DeWayne Toomey Clermont Am
2nd pl. Rick Enright Tavares Pro
3rd pl. Wayne Carpenter Hawthorne Am
4th pl. Sharon Upson Hawthorne Pro
5th pl. Al Dronsfield Leesburg Pro
Everyone had a good time. I hope see you next week at Leesburg.
TM George Fisher


9th SRS at Tavares  6-01-17

Well we did it again- beat the heat aND rain. We finished up by 11:30 and we’re gone before noon. It was starting to warm up, but I don’t think anyone had a problem with the heat.
26 shufflers participated. The PROS and AMS were teamed up today, due to the small number. 5 places were paid
1st pl. Rick Enright (p) Tavares
2nd pl. Cheryl Cole (p) Leesburg
3rd pl. George Snyder (p) Clermont
4th pl. Steve Raley (a)
5th pl. Barb Tulip (p) Leesburg
See you next week a t Hawthorne
TM George F.


8th SRS at Leesburg  5-25-17

Crazy weather isn’t it? It was predicted we would have been rained out yesterday, but the powers that be still smile upon us. A good day was had by all, as well as another good turnout. 31 shufflers participated. 16 Pro’s and 15 Ams.
I was also told we had a couple of players from the central district. Welcome.
In addition, for 2nd week in a row, the 1st place winners in each divisions have won all 5 of their games.
The results
1st pl. Chuck Brayman 5 games Hawthorne
2nd pl. Rick Enright Tavares
3rd pl. Lyle Walker Hawthorne
4th pl. Dave Dean Leesburg
1st pl. Bob Brandt 5 games Leesburg
2nd pl. Ron Bodo Tavares
3rd pl. Steve Raley Clermont
4th pl. Betty Mondeel Hawthorne
Look forward to seeing all next week in Tavares
George F. TM


7th SRS at Hawthorne  5-18-17

What a great day it was for shuffling. No rain, dry and not extremely hot.
We had 36 shufflers. 18 Pro’s an 18 Ams. The competition was keen. We even had a strange event occur. One that I’ve not seen at our summer events.
The AM winner Ron Bodo posted a negative score game -5 and managed to win his bracket. He won all 5 games. you don’t see that often.
1st. Pl. Cheryl Cole Leesburg
2ND pl. Al Dronsfield Leesburg
3rd pl. Lyle Walker Hawthorne
4th pl. Jack Wooton Mid Fl lakes
5th pl. Frank Cherill Leesburg
1st. Pl. Ron Bodo Mid fl. Lakes
2nd pl. Paul Hodges
3rd pl. Betty Mondeel Hawthorne
4th pl. Dave Nitchie Tavares
5th pl. Richard Ingram leesburg
See you next week at Leesburg
TM George Fisher


6th SRS at Tavares  5-11-17

Hi Shufflers
Sorry for the delay with last week’s results. The important thing is I got them.
we had 21 shufflers. PROS and AMS were combined and 5 places paid.
1st. Pl. Dave Dean Leesburg
2nd pl. Danny Richards
3rd pl. Chuck Brayman Hawthorn
4th & 5th Tie Dave Martin Leesburg
Lyle Riva
Look forward to seeing you, at Hawthorne, tomorrow, 5/18/17
TM George F.


5th SRS at Leesburg 5-4-17

Good day shufflers
As usual, Thursday was a picture perfect day to shuffle. had Leesburg had their courts running very smoothly. Kudos to the the court crew.
We had a good crowd. 34 shufflers participated. 17 Pros & 17 Ams.
Two items occurred I feel should be addressed. The first concerns registering to play : sign ups have always been and will continue to be taken up until 0830 AM the day of play. Play will start as soon there after as the TM gets set up. Once the play has started, we will not stop and try to readjust the lineups. So if you are late chances are you won’t get to play.
Secondly; Gathering in close proximity to those people doing the final scoring is, in my opinion, causing accounting errors. Noise and lookielews are a distraction that lead to errors. It would would help, if you are not directly involved in the process, to vacate the area until the accounting is completed. If you must be there, SILENCE is the word. It should also speed up the process.
The results:
1 Chuck Brayman      4            233       Hawthorne
2 Katy Walker           4             181       Hawthorne
3 Al Dronsfield         3             192
4 Cheryl Cole           3              184
5 Bill Lohbusch       3               176     Hawthorne
1 Betty Mondeel      5              360     Hawthorne
2 Dick Kanan          4               310
3 Dave Nitchie        4               285
4 Ron Bodo             4               224
5 Dave Martin        4                211
Don’t forget next Thursday 5/11 will be in Tavares.
Tournament Director
George Fisher


Nationals, Lakeland Florida,  5/2/2017

Ladies Division 16 Teams
2nd.  Katy Walker
4th.  Barb King

4th.  Sharon Upson




Subject: 4th SRS @ hawthorne. 4/27/17

It was a beautiful day for Shuffleboard and a great day for our Hawthorne shufflers. We had 37 shufflers competing today. Out of 9 places paid out- 5 in the Pro division and 4 in the AM division, Hawthorne players took 6 places.
Bob Robinson took first in the Pro division with 4 games and a 273 score, narrowly edging out Lyle Walker with 4 games and a 268 score.
Bob Neuhaus had no problem in the AM division. He made a clean sweep and took all 5 games.
The places are as follows:
1st. Pl. Bob Robinson Hawthorne
2nd. Pl. Lyle Walker Hawthorne
3rd. Pl. Dave Dean Leesburg
4th. Pl. Al Carlson Hawthorne
5th. Pl. Nancy Andrews Hawthorne
1st. Pl. Bob Neuhaus Hawthorne
2nd. Pl. Betty Mondeel Hawthorne
3rd. Pl. Mark Engel Leesburg
4th. Pl. Ron Bodo Mid. Fl. Lakes
I hope everyone had a good time. I look forward to meeting you all on the Leesburg courts next Thursday.
Thanks, to my crew for getting the courts ready and in such great condition. And also, my coffee maker Paùline D. and my scoring assistant Barb T.
George F.

3rd SRS -2017-At Tavares

I keep repeating myself each week, but I can’t help it. The attendance has been exceptional and the weather just beautiful. One can only hope it will continue throughout the summer, but alas we will start losing our snowbirds. To those of you heading north- in the words of an old sailor-May you have fair winds and following seas on your journey. Drive safely.
We had 43 shufflers. 20 Pro’s and 24 Ams. 5 places were paid in each division, as follows;
1st pl. Sharon Upson Hawthorne
2nd pl. Bob Andrews Hawthorne
3rd pl. Rick Enright Tavares
4th pl. Dave Dean Leesburg
5th pl. Fred Newman Leesburg
1st pl. Dave Martin Leesburg
2nd pl. Dave Nitchie Tavares
3rd pl. Glenda Muzzy
4th pl. Mark Goetzinger Hawthorne
5th pl. Roger Brown leesburg
Don’t forget. Next week we are at Hawthorne. Hope to see most of you there.
George Fisher
SRS Tournament Mgr.


Winners of the 2nd SRS at Leesburg SBC on April  13 th 2017
Not only was it a beautiful day, but the turnout for our second SRS was outstanding: 46 shufflers participated, 20 Pro’s and 26 Ams. Hawthorne did well. We had two Pro’s and two Ams place in each catagory. Five places were paid in each catagory. The winners follow;
1st. Pl. Ron Carr Hawthorne
2nd pl. Frank Cherill Leesburg
3rd. Pl. Chuck Braman Hawthorne
4th. Pl. Rick Enright Tavares
5th. Pl. Jack Wooton Mid Fl. Lakes
1st. Pl. Bill Jones Hawthorne
2nd. Pl. Tom Allen
3rd. Pl. Shirley Geese
4th. Pl. David Nitchie
5th. Pl. Larry Mills Hawthorne
Congratulations to all the winners.
I look forward to seeing you all in Tavares next Thursday, April 20th.
George Fisher
SRS Coordinator.


Subject: 1st. SRS 2017 results

Well we lucked out again with the weather. We didn’t beat it. We came in behind it. I believe we started about 20 minutes late. I wish to thank all those that helped prepare the courts for today’s tournament and those that assisted me. Without your help, we would not have had a such a good start for our first Summer Rotational.
Even with the threat of severe weather, we had a good turnout.
41 shufflers participated. 25 Pro’s and 16 Ams.
here are the results;
1st pl. Barbara Tulip Leesburg
2nd pl. Ron Carr Hawthorne
3rd pl. Rudy Gleiss Hawthorne
4th pl. Jack Wooton Mid Fl. Lakes
5th pl. David Nitchie
1st pl. Wayne Carpenter Hawthorne
2nd pl. Glenda Muzzy
3rd pl. Mark Goetzinger Hawthorne
4th pl. Larry Mills Hawthorne
Thank you all for participating. Let’s hope we fill the courts at Leesburg next Thursday the 13th of April.
George Fisher
Tournament organizer.



Winners of the 15th SRS at Tavares SBC on July 14, 2016

Well shufflers. We’ve reached the final tournament in our summer series. We had a decent turnout- 20 players.The Pros played the head and  the Ams played the foot. Since it was the final tournament, four places were paid in each group. I’m sad to report no Hawthorne players placed in either group In any event it was a spirited tournament; the weather cooperated- no rain and we finished by 11:30.I would like to thank all of our shufflers who participated this summer. Without you there would be no SRS.
Also a final thanks to all those Hawthorne players who helped in the set up and clean up when Hawthorne was the host court. THANK YOU.

Todays winners;

1st   pl.   Frank Cherill        Leesburg
2nd  pl    Rick Enright        Tavares
3rd  pl    Ralph Lyon           Leesburg
4th  pl    Cheryl Cole           Leesburg

1st    pl   DeWayne                Clermont
2nd   pl   Dave Martin          Tavares
3rd   pl    Bob Rachor            Tavares
4th   pl    Richard Ingram    Leesburg

Take care until next summers tournaments.
George F.       SRS Chairman



Winners of the 14th SRS at Leesburg SBC on July 7, 2016

We had 22 shufflers today. Not a bad turnout. 8 Pros and 14 Ams.  We combined both groups.

The results are;
1st pl Rick Enright Tavares
2nd pl Ralph Lyons Leesburg
3rd pl Sharon Upson Hawthorne
4th pl Dave Martin Leesburg
5th pl Bob Brandt Leesburgh

Remember, Next week is at Tavares. This will be our last tournament of the summer. So come on out and lets make it a good one.
George F, SRS Chairman


Winners of the 13th SRS at Hawthorne SBC on June 30, 2016
Well shufflers, I’m sad to say this but our Summer Rotational Series is fast coming to a close. There are only 2 more tournaments left. Next week on July 7th will be at Leesburg and our final games will be held on July 14th at Tavares. So come on out and join in on the fun on these last couple of dates.
Today we had a very good turn out- 28 shufflers. 12 Pros and 16 Ams.  We played as two separate groups; Pros/ Ams.
As you can see by the results, Hawthorne did well again. We had 2 Pros and 1 Am place out of 8 places.
I would like to thank all of you that helped in making this another successful summer. THANK YOU!!
Here are todays results;

The winners are:

1st pl. Bob Andrews Hawthorne
2nd pl. Jane Moore Hawthorne
3rd pl. Frank Cherill Leesburg
4th pl. Rick Enright Tavares

1st pl. Danny Richards Clerbrook
2nd pl. Bill Jones Hawthorne
3rd pl. Phylis Sokol-Wood Leesburg
4th pl. Ron Bodo Mid. Fl. Lakes


Winners of the 12th SRS at Tavares SBC on June 23, 2016

Well folks it was definitely a hot one out there today. Possibly it’s good
we only have three more weeks left in our summer series. Next week we
will be here at Hawthorne on June 30th.
There were 17 shufflers today. WE combined Pros and Ams. Here are the results.

1st pl. Rick Enright Tavares
2nd pl. Dave Martin Leesburg
3rd pl. Jack Relf
4th pl. Sharon Upson Hawthorne
5th pl. Roland Guilbienlt

Look forward to seeing everyone next week at Hawthorne.

George F.
SRS Chairman


Winners of the 11th SRS at Leesburg SBC on June 16, 2016
Hey sufflers
The results are in for the 11th SRS held at Leesburg today.
With only 22 players, it was decided to combine the 2 groups.
Therefore, Pros and Ams played as a team except for 2 Ams who played a singles game.
Needless to say the weather was hot and the competition just as hot. Two Pros placed along with one StAm and two Ams.
Check the results below.
See you all next week aqt Tavares for the 12th in our Summer Series.
11th SRS results at Leesburg 6-16-16
Pros/ Ams Mixed
1st pl. Betty Mondell Hawthorne
2nd pl. Sharon Upson Hawthorne
3rd pl. Roger Brown Leesburg
4th pl. Rick Enright Tavares
5th pl. Dick Kanan Leesburg
George F.
SRS Chairman


Winners of the 10th SRS at Hawthorne SBC on June 9, 2016

We had 27 shufflers today.   George Fisher SRS Chairman

PROS                                                       AMS

1st   Gail Howell        Leesburg         1st   Roger Brown         Leesburg
2nd   Rick Enright      Tavares           2nd   Dale Lange           Hawthorne
3rd   Al Dronsfield     Leesburg         3rd.  Danny Richards    Clerbrook
4th.   Ralph Lyon       Leesburg         4th   Phyllis Sokol-Wood  Leesburg

Winners of the 9th SRS at Tavares SBC on June 2, 2016

12 PROS                                         12 AMS
1st  Rick Enright    Tavares           1st  Ron Bodo
2nd Cheryl Cole     Leesburg        2nd Jack Relf
3rd  George Fisher  Hawthorne    3rd  Tom Allen   Tavares
4th  Dave Dean      Leesburg        4th   Dick Kanan  Leesburg

Winners of the 8th SRS at Leesburg SBC on May 26, 2016
     17 PROS                                                              16   AMS

1st  Al Dronsfield         Leesburg             1st  Bob Hill                Leesburg
2nd  Ralph Lyons           Leesburg            2nd  David Nitchie
3rd Richard Burkhardt  Leesburg           3rd  Roger Brown        Leesburg
4th Gail Howell            Leesburg             4th   Wayne Carpenter  Hawthorne
5th  Katy Walker           Hawthorne

Read the details in the “news”   George Fisher SRS Chairman



Winners of the 7th SRS at Hawthorne SBC on May 19, 2016
               16  PROS                                            14  AMS

1st  Sharon Upson   Hawthorne            1st   Roger Brown        Leesburg
2nd Rick Enright     Tavares                 2nd  Ron Jones            Hawthorne
3rd Lyle Walker       Hawthorne           3rd   Richard Ingram    Leesburg
4th Jane Moore       Hawthorne           4th   Pauline Dulac      Hawthorne
5th Katy Walker     Hawthorne  

Read the details in the “news”   See you on the courts
George Fisher SRS Chair


Winners of the 6th SRS at Tavares SBC on May 12, 2016

PROS                                                   AMS
1st  Frank Cherill   Leesburg            1st  Dave Martin
2nd  Carol May    Hawthorne           2nd. Bill Lippiott
3rd  Rick Enright   Tavares               3rd  Dick Kanan     Leesburg
4th  George Bradbury Hawthorne    4th  Roger Brown   Leesburg
5th  Richard Ingram  Leesburg


5th SRS – Leesburg- 2016,  Thursday- May 4th — Winners
18 Pros   —     16 ams

Partial results  are in —  Check back soon !

–        PROS                                                                          AMS
3rd  Doris Hanke
4th  Katy Walker
5th  George Fisher


4th SRS – Hawthorne- 2016,  Thursday- Apr 28th — Winners

–              PROS                                                                      AMS
1st Al Dronsfield                                                    1st Ron Jones – Hawthorne 
2nd Lyle Walker – Hawthorne                             2nd Danny Richards
3rd Marian Lohbusch – Hawthorne                    3rd Roger Brown
4th Chuck Brayman   – Hawthorne                    4th Bob Brandt
5th Sue McLaughlin – Hawthorne                      5th Betty Mondeel – Hawthorne 

(Read the details in the “News”)


          PROS                                                          AMATEURS    
1st…..Earl Ball                                                   1st…..Doug Blair 
2nd….Steve Ramondi  –  Clearwater                  2nd….Carol Wallin
3rd…..John Houghtaling                                 3rd…..Bill Baird – Lakeland
4th…..Dennis Abbenate –  Hawthorne           4th…..Stu Hunter
5th…..Ron Nurnberger –  Bradenton                 5th…..Bernie Smagliniski
6th…..Gus Bondi                                              6th…..Merwin Backus – Sanlan Ranch     
3rd SRS – Tavares 2016,  Thursday- Apr 21st — Winners

–            PROs                                                                        AMS
1st Dick Koloznyski                                        1st  Wayne Carpenter  –  Hawthorne
2nd  Jane Moore –   Hawthorne                   2nd Dave Funderburk –   Tavares
3rd  George Bradbury-  Hawthorne             3rd  Bill Jones  –     Hawthorne
4th   Vern Ivey   –  Leesburg                        4th  Ron Bodo
5th   Karen Dunlap –                                    5th  Glenn Murray  –  Hawthorne

There were 49 Shufflers,no rain and the breezes were cool. We started on time and finished play
at 1130. Hawthorne did very well. We had 2 places in PROS  and 3 in the AMS divisions.Great job Hawthorne.   —–  George Fisher.  SRS chairman


PROS   68 entries                                              AMATEURS 24 entries
1st…..Charles Hodson                                1st…..Sharon Henderson
2nd….Barb King – Hawthorne                    2nd….Rick Marks -_Betmar
3rd…..Bill Everett                                         3rd…..Jerry Branham – Lakeland
4th…..Frank Cherill – Leesburg                     4th…..John Schlaffer-Lakeland
5th…..Gabby                                                 5th…..Erland Reynolds – Betmar
6th…..Steve Barnett



The weather was much better this Thurs. Apr 14th.
we had a good turnout at Leesburg, 44 Shufflers played. The results follow:

PROS                                                            AMS
1st. Pl.  George Fisher                     1st. Pl. Glenn Murry        
2nd. Pl. George Snyder                  2nd. Pl. Sharon Morris
3rd. Pl. Vern Ivey                           3rd. Pl. Judy Kokzynski
4th. Pl. Richard Burkhardt           4th. Pl. Glenda Muzzy
5th. Pl. Al Dronsfield                    5th. P. Ellie Scabo

Hawthorne took both 1st places.       Good playing to all. I look forward to seeing you all next week at Tavares.    Remember we will start at 8:15am, so get there early.
George Fisher :SRS Chairman



We had a decent start for the SRS on Thursday April 7th, here at Hawthorne , inspite of the rainey start.
We had 29 brave souls participate. The weather turned out perfect the rest of the day.
We split up into 2 groups, PROS and AMS. Four places were paid in each group. The results follow:

PROS                                                     AMS
1ST. PL. Chuck Brayman                       1st. Pl. Ron Jones
2nd. Pl. Duane Lammers                     2nd. Pl. Charlie Farrel
3rd. Pl. Rick Enright                            3rd. Pl. Mark Goetzinger
4th. Pl . Jane Sackman                         4th. Pl. Steve Smith

Hawthorne did very well taking 5 of 8 places.  A good day was had by all.
George Fisher: SRS Chairman