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2015-16 Season @ Hawthorne
Some Facts and Figures for the season
  1. We held 6 In House tournaments.
  2. We had 38 players participate in Visitations.
  3. Over 70 people were introduced to shuffleboard.
  4. Several new players joined in to play Hoss Collar.
  5. We held our normal compliment of Northern District and State tournaments.
  6. Jane Sackmann and Ron Carr became Pros.
  7. Glenn Murry and Bill Jones became State Amateurs.
  8. Several of our new amateurs got their District Amateur pins.


Northern District rank at the end of the season:
Pro Women                        Pro Men

Doris Hanke 1st                Bob Robinson 1st
Sharon Upson 2nd           Gary McLaughlin 12th
Sue McLaughlin 6th         Pat King 18th
Jane Moore 12th
Marion Lohbusch 14th
Donna King 15th
Nancy Andrew 16th

Amateur Women            Amateur Men

Betty Mondeel 4th             Ron Carr 4th
Bonnie Goetzinger 7th      Bill Jones 16th


State Tournament rank at the end of the season:
Pro Women                         Pro Men

Sue McLaughlin 9th         Bob Robinson 13th
Sharon Upson 10th          Pat King 20th
Marion Lohbusch 12th     Gary McLaughlin 27th