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Our Northern District season is quickly coming to the end. Several Hawthorne player will be participating in the District Masters held at Deland this year.

Pro Ladies are: Carol May, Carol Adams, Doris Hanke, and Sharon Upson is eleigible but not playing.
Amateur Ladies are: Freeda Carr and Bonnie Goetzinger.
Amateur Men : “Bill” William H. Jones

At the Masters banquet after the last day, Bill Jones will receive his Pro pin, Bonnie Goetzinger will receive her State Amateur pin, and Doris Hanke is being inducted into the Northern District Hall of Fame.

The state season still has a couple weeks to go before we host the State Masters here on April 2nd-5th.
State Results as of March 15th
Rank            Name       Season Pts        Lifetime Pts
8th          Katy Walker            34                  68
15th        Marion Lohbusch  26                 400
16th        Sue McLaughlin     24                 190
25th        Sharon Upson         14                  246
28th        Doris Hanke            12                   137

Rank           Name
32nd           Lyle Walker             13                   30
32nd           Robert Robinson   13                   128
47th            Pat King                   7 70


Florida State Masters to be held at Hawthorne

The 2018 State Masters is drawing near. The Hawthorne Shuffleboard Club is anxiously awaiting the arrival of the top 8 Pro Ladies and Pro Men who will be playing on April 2nd to 5th. Spectators are invited to come to the courts every morning and afternoon to watch the players participate in round robin competition. Each player will compete against their seven opponents in three single matches to 75 points, The player in each division with the most wins will be the 2018 State Masters Champion. As spectators, you will have the opportunity to watch eight matches being played Monday morning, Monday afternoon, Tuesday morning, Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday morning, Wednesday afternoon, and Thursday morning. We will be selling lunches on Monday through Wednesday. Thursday’s award luncheon is a free buffet for players, friends, and helpers.

Each morning we will have coffee, donuts and fruit available for the players, We hope that this will sustain them as they play on our great courts when you win and lousy crooked courts if you lose. The courts will be open for practice Sunday morning, but even we won’t know which courts Glen will be using We look forward to again hosting the Masters and hope everyone has a great time


Visitation had to be cancelled the first two weeks in January due to the weather. It just to cold to play at Holiday the first week and rain fell this Wednesday when we were due in Clermont.
hopefully things will be back to normal next week.


Leesburg visited us on Dec. 6th with 5 teams. We had 7 teams participate in the fun afternoon of shuffling.
However, the best part was the food provided after the matches. A special shout out goes to Steve Smith for his chili, Wayne Carpenter’s peanut butter cookies, Jane Sackmann’s deviled eggs, and to whomever made the vegetable kabobs.
Thanks to everyone for the wonderful feast – I can’t vouch for the chicken, because it was all gone by the time this reporter went through the line. The people I saw eating it all had smiles tho.
Submitted by: Bob Robinson


Visitation at Tavares on November 30, 2017.

We had six teams travel to Tavares to enjoy a beautiful afternoon of friendship and shuffling. The Tavares club had eight teams and provided wonderful refreshments. December 6th we play Leesburg at home.


We are saddened to report the passing of Joe Proulx on Thursday Nov. 16th. 2017 Our deepest sympathy
and condolences are extended to his family members and friends. Please keep them all in your prayers.


Our first visitation was held with Southern Palms on Wednesday Nov. 15th. 2017 There were four teams from Southern Palms and ten teams from Hawthorne.
The afternoon was completed with excellent refreshments and drinks in the clubhouse. Thanks to all that helped.


The 2017-18 State Masters is sponsored by the Florida Shuffleboard Association and hosted by the Hawthorne Shuffleboard Club. Lunches will be available for purchase each day with an awards luncheon on the last day.  The morning amenities and presents are sponsored by Bob Robinson.


A quick note on health issues. We a saddened to have to report that Frank Simone passed away. Our condolences are extended to his wife and family. Sharon Upson had some medical repairs done and should be back at Hosts Collar around the first of August. Bob Robinson got his partial knee replaced with a full knee. He is supposed to be ready to go by the middle of September. If anyone else has news please forward it to ‘contact us’ on the website.


Subject: Jerry Schultz

A sad day. Jerry Schultz, A fellow shuffler from leesburg has passed away Sunday nite- June 11th. He had a stroke, went into a coma and never recovered. He is survived by his wife Gert.
If you would like to send a card to Gert Schultz the address is: 33146 Beach View Dr. Leesburg, Fl. 34788.
Submitted by : George Fisher


Red Carlson passed away at home Tuesday morning May 2. 2017. His loving wife Janet and family members were with him during his hospice care.We extend our condolences and prayers to the family for their loss and know that Red has found peace.We will miss his banter and love of the kitchen game. Farewell dear friend.

Submitted by: Bob Robinson



Pauline Dulac

Our Hawthorne Shuffleboard Club would like to say “Pauline DulacTHANK YOU” to our Secretary Pauline Dulac and her helpers for coordinating lunches during our tournaments throughout the 2016-2017 season. Her culinary skills were very well received by all participants who traveled near and far!

We’re lucky that she plans to continue her efforts for the 2017-2018 tournament season because she also enjoys playing the great game of shuffleboard with the rest of us. We appreciate her dedication in this respect.

To aid her in this endeavor to make this a success there will be a sign-up sheet posted at the courts a few days prior to the tournament dates indicating what club members may be able to contribute. For example, brownies, cupcakes or cookies would be suitable.

Also we need to keep in mind that our help to lend-a-hand in the cleanup whenever possible would be greatly appreciated.


Yeah BETTY!!

The results of the Leesburg State Amateur tournament on Feb. 21, 2017, gave us a brand new State Amateur – Betty Mondeel. Peter Eichler and Betty placed 4th in the main event. This finished the 5 points Betty has been working on to become a State Amateur – congratulations. Wayne Carpenter and Rudy Gleiss finished 1st in consolations. Well done amateurs.

submitted by: Bob Robinson


Recently Hawthorne hosted the FSA “State” Hall of fame Banquet. This banquet is held yearly to induct it’s latest members into the State Hall of Fame.   Shufflers  who have earned 200 pro points become Members into the Hall of Fame which is a great accomplishment and a great honor.    This year one of Hawthorne’s shufflers was inducted.   Congratulations to Sharon Upson. 20170116_193145

Sharon Upson giving her acceptance speech.


20170116_172035Bob Robinson : Master of Ceremonies and his wife Martha







Left to right:  Sharon Upson,  Doris Hanke,  Carol May




20170116_171755Left to right : Charlie Adams, Barbara King, Carol May



Re: Visitation
Message Submitted by:   Linda Carlson 01/21/2017
Wednesday Jan 25th mid-Florida here at Hawthorne! Sign up on the courts before tues. at noon. Make sure you sign up with your partner! BRING SNACKS!! 12:30



Doris Hanke — Next Northern District Hall of Fame Member

Doris Hanke has completed her quest to get 250 Northern District points and will become our next Hall of Fame member. Northern District points have been accumulated since 2003. Doris would have been eligible to qualify for the Hall of Fame earlier, but they didn’t count any of the tournaments she placed in prior to 2003. We all congratulate Doris on her long and successful career. Many more wins still lie in front of our “YOUNG” lady.

Submitted by: Bob Robinson



The “Preview” for 2016-17 has arrived. The cost is $1.00. See Bob Robinson

Tuesday November 1st In House tournament sponsored by Dean Pest Control. Please be there for coffee and donuts by 8:30 AM.



Doris Hanke says ” We took first place today” !!