Getting Started

LearningHow do I get started?

If you have never played shuffleboard or it has been awhile since you played, we are more than happy to help you get started. Our club has players at all skill levels, so don’t worry. Some of our members play for a little exercise, social conversations, and laughter. Others have practiced and taken the game to a more competitive level. That decision depends on how the shuffleboard bug bites you once you start playing. Every Saturday morning at 10 AM we give lessons for beginners. The only thing you need to do is come to the courts – we try to provide the smile.

Beginner lessons include how to hold the cue “stick”, how to make a beautiful scoring shot, how to keep score, and how to use our courts. We charge no dues and the club provides all the basic equipment. It takes about four weeks for you to feel comfortable that you can shoot and score. Then if children or grandchildren come to visit, you will be able to challenge them to a game of shuffleboard. We hope that you stop down to the courts and give shuffleboard a try. Our regular instructors are Bob Robinson, George Fisher, and George Bradbury. Many other shuffleboard players can help you get started if you have already met them in the neighborhood or at some other activity.


Shuffleboard 101 :  A Great resource for learning.

We would  like to thank the Zyphryhills Shuffleboard Club, also a special thank you to their webmaster,  Chuck Moulton for allowing us to share this valuable resource. They always step up to join us in making Shuffleboard fun and enjoyable for all.

To our Members:  use the following reference material freely and be sure to explore other areas of Zhills website as there are many interesting and useful tools at your disposal.

Shuffleboard 101