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04/15/2017 Comments from the Chairman:    Bob Robinson Writes:

How did 2016 -17 tournaments go for Hawthorne shufflers?

Sharon Upson was inducted into the Florida Shuffleboard Association Hall of Fame.
Sue McLaughlin was inducted into the Northern District Hall of Fame.
Rudy Gleiss became a Pro.
Wayne Carpenter, Betty Mondeel, and Mark Goetzinger became State Amateurs.
Steve Smith placed in his first tournament and became a District Amateur.
Sharon Upson was among the top 8 lady players in the state, and placed 4th at the State Masters.
Doris Hanke won the Ladies Northern District Tournament of Champions.
Bonnie Goetzinger placed 2nd in the Amateur Ladies TOC.
Peter Eichler was 3rd Main and Rudy Gleiss 2nd Consolation in the Amateur Men TOC
Sharon Upson was 2nd in the Pro Ladies TOC.
Bob Robinson was 4th in the Pro Men TOC.
Season points in the Northern District:
Pro Ladies – Sharon Upson 1st
Doris Hanke 3rd
Sue McLaughlin 9th
Pro Men -Bob Robinson 3rd
Ron Carr  9th
Charlie Adams 10th
Amateur Ladies – Bonnie Goetzinger 10th
Amateur Men – Mark Goetzinger 6th
Bill Jones 9th
Northern District Masters results:
Sharon Upson 3rd in Pro Ladies
Doris Hanke 7th in Pro Ladies
Bob Robinson 5th in Pro Men
Mark Goetzinger 5th in Amateur Men

03/01/2017 Comments from the Chairman:    Bob Robinson Writes:

Mark Goetzinger completed his points to become a State Amateur next year in an impressive way. At the State Pro tournament in Tavares, he came in 2nd in the main event. Mark along with his partner Dave Dean took on some of the best the state has to offer and accomplished something very few amateurs have achieved. So as much as Mark grumbled about not playing well on Monday, we all have to congratulate him on his success.


02/23/2017 Comments from the Chairman:    Bob Robinson Writes:

Welcome to our new officer team that was elected at the February meeting. Our new officers are: Bill Jones – Chairman, Steve Smith – Co Chairman, Pauline Dulac – Secretary, and Bonnie Goetzinger – Treasurer. They will be inducted into office at the March meeting and rake over on April 1st.I hope that everyone will extend a helping hand and make next year an even better year.


01/21/2017 Comments from the Chairman:    Bob Robinson Writes:

Mark Geotzinger enjoyed his first main event win at the Northern District No 2 Pro at Hawthorne. Mark played a very good game for 2 days and six matches. His strategy was mostly by the book and he made a lot of good shots. ( with some luck from time to time) When you place for the first time to get your District Amateur pin, it is a major stepping stone in shuffleboard. For many players, it takes a couple years of tournament play to have a main event win. Most people will remember who they were playing with, where you were playing and maybe even what court you were playing on to get the victory. Bob Obbink was my partner when I got my first point. Lyman May played with me when we beat a very good player at Mid Florida for my first win. That player was Ray Bates. He was a Hawthorne resident who also helped me learn how to practice and play. Every afternoon Ray would practice for a couple hours by himself until Lucille called to tell him Supper was ready. He was a real gentleman of a man that we lost way too soon. All of us as pros enjoy helping new players become successful, because we remember all of the people that helped us get started. Amateurs don’t be afraid to ask and pros please take the time to offer. Congratulation again to Mark for a job well done.


01/19/2017 Comments from the Chairman:    Bob Robinson Writes:

A special word of congratulations to Sharon Upson on being inducted into the Florida Shuffleboard Association Hall of Fame as a player. She has been a talent that was hard to beat at Northern District tournaments and at the state level. She has always been an extremely competitive player that doesn’t like the taste of losing. We hope that Sharon will have many more years of enjoyment playing shuffleboard and winning.

01/19/2017 Comments from the Chairman:    Bob Robinson Writes:

Thank you to all of the members that worked so hard to make the State Singles tournament and the Hall of Fame banquet a success. It takes many hands to do all of the little things so our guests have an enjoyable experience. The courts, coffee and donuts, registration, lunch, table decorations, and more time on the courts all are part of the responsibility of a host club. The smiling faces of club members is what makes people thank you for a great job. Many of the players who attended the tournament and banquet have expressed their appreciation and thanked us for how well everything was done. So -THANK YOU – members from our guests


01/19/2017 Comments from the Chairman:    Bob Robinson Writes:

For two and a half days the men were battling on the Hawthorne shuffleboard courts to determine the winners of the non walking division. The last two standing were Jacques Beaudry and Ron Nurnberger playing for first. It was a good battle, but on this day Ron was hitting lines with his hammers and Jacques wasn’t. Jacques ( the man from Lakes of Melbourne) was the man with the smile on his face as he won in two games to take first place in the main event. Ron Nurnberger from Bradenton was second. Larry Metzgar from Betmar defeated Frank Cherill from Leesburg for third in the main. Frank is one of the newer pros in the Northern District and did an excellent job to take fourth.

We also had great geographic distribution in the consolation side of the non walking competition. Steve Raimondi took first defeating Bob Phifer from Betmar who was second. Bob Smith from Lee County finished third as Jay Goldman decided not to stay for the third and and took fourth consolation. The 40 players who participated made it a great display of shuffling.

The men in the Walking division got the tournament done in two days. We didn’t have any upsets, but there lots of close and long games played to 75 points. Our winner this year is Allen Dronsfield from Tavares who defeated Earl Ball ( from Betmar) in a tough 3 game match on court one. We watched two very tired and determined men battle to the end. As the end was drawing near, we could hear Earl saying “Come on Earl” as each step was more painful and shots just weren’t doing what he wanted from to do. For Allen, it was relief as the game was finally won. Both men put on an excellent demonstration of shuffleboard throughout the tournament. Third place went to Jim Miller from Bradenton who played a very long and tough match against Allen. Henry Strong from ZSC was fourth after to losing to Earl and going home so he could go off traveling with his wife,

The consolation side of the walkers also had a couple heavy hitters who lost their first game. Dave Kudro (Bradenton) defeated Ray Buck (Lee County) to take first place. So Ray became a new Hall of Fame member and took second. The battle for third was the last match to finish Tuesday night at 7:00 pm. Two very tired men kept playing their third game as those of us watching donated blood to mosquitos. Dean Myklejord (Lakeland) outlasted Fred Neumann (Leesburg ) to take third place. Congratulations to all the men who participated for a great tournament.


At our first visitation against Southern Palms, we had nine smiling Hawthorne teams. It was a great mix of new players and seasoned veterans. What made the day special for me, was how well everyone pitched in to make the afternoon a success. I truly do appreciate how people saw what work needed to be done and stepped forward to do it. Thanks


04/23/2016 Comments from the Chairman:    Bob Robinson Writes:

October 19,2016

The season is underway and most of us are back from the North. Bob and Nancy Andrews were the last to arrive from Hendersonville and we are still looking forward to Peter and Romy joining us from Canada. I want to thank all of the members who have stepped up and taken care of all of the jobs that need to be done. It has made being Chairman very rewarding.Whether the job was getting sponsors or buying donuts,each one has to be done. George Bradbury had to step down from the co chairman position for health reasons, so once again Doris Hanke was willing to step forward and fill our needs. Rudy Gleiss has replaced Doris on the Steering Committee.

George Fisher and Carol May signed up some more potential shufflers at the Activity Fair. George will be taking over giving lessons on Saturday mornings. Hopefully, his winning smile and personality will swell our ranks of shufflers. All of us have an opportunity to take new neighbors down to the courts and introduce them to shuffleboard. We have to be responsible for promoting our own sport.
A special thanks to Freeda Carr for taking care of the lunch at our first tournament. She was willing to cover for us in an emergency, since Romy is busy taking care of Peter. We have good news for lunches at the remainder of our tournaments. Pauline Dulac and friends will be preparing and serving lunches. Romy only has to take care of Peter for now. Then we put her back to work. Now we just need to get the news out to the Northern District and State players.
Coming up quickly is the time change back to standard time. Hoss Collar goes back to a 1 PM start once it changes. Visitation will begin the first week in November – free up your Wednesday afternoons and partner up. The first sign up sheet will go up the week before visitations – down at the courts. The “Preview” should be available for purchase soon. We will make them available to you as soon as we get them.


A special word of congratulations to Sharon Upson on being inducted into the Florida Shuffleboard Association Hall of Fame as a player. She has been a talent that was hard to beat at Northern District tournaments and at the state level. She has always been an extremely competitive player that doesn’t like the taste of losing. We hope that Sharon will have many more years of enjoyment playing shuffleboard and winning.


04/23/2016 Comments from the Chairman:    Bob Robinson Writes:
A few quick thank yous:
Thanks to Janet Loader for towels we can use on the courts.
Thanks to Ron Jones for helping us with a storage unit to help with our storage problem.
Thanks to George Bradbury for running around and getting laminated signs to put on items around the courts. Hopefully, this will make it easier for visitors and Hawthorne residents to play.

04/17/2016  Bob Robinson Writes:

2016-17 is going to be a great year for the Hawthorne Shuffleboard Club. This spring we are working on improving the signs around the courts to make it easier for novices and community players to enjoy the game. With the new discs being put into play, we have increased the number and quality of discs that we have out for visitors to use. All 24 courts now have the new discs ready for use by members on a daily basis

George Fisher is continuing his great work with our area summer tournaments. Every Thursday for 15 weeks we can play in a single mingles tournament with Tavares being the farthest we have to travel. These tournaments are good practice and allow you to meet more people from other clubs.

Next year’s tournament season begins with an In-House tournament on September 30th and picks up speed from there. The big events we are hosting next year are the State Men Pro Singles, Hall of Fame banquet and State Sponsored Pro Doubles tournament. These events only come to the Northern District once every 7 years. Just as in 2009 when Marion Lohbusch was inducted into the Hall of Fame, we will have one our own inducted this year. Sharon Upson has completed her journey of accumulating 200 state points to qualify for induction into the Florida Shuffleboard Association Hall of Fame. We are all very proud of her accomplishment

.Giving lessons, helping our amateurs develop, and having fun with social play are all important work that the club will strive to do successfully. Many of us will take off and play in Visitations, District and State tournaments. Some days we will come home with a smile from winning, but other days may make us work a little harder to find that smile. We will all try to represent the club well and make lots of new friends.